passenger fare


 Time span


Around Omijima

 About 1h20min

 Adult ¥2,200

Child ¥1,100

    ↓🐋Fare after the course change🐋

【 Because of the sea conditions or the weather, the course will change.

Kannon cave About 1h   Adult ¥1,700 Child ¥850
Oshima About 1h   Adult ¥1,400 Child ¥700
Hanadsura and Shitsuura About 50min   Adult ¥1,300 Child ¥650
Inland sea About 50min   Adult ¥1,300 Child ¥650
 Akase About 50min   Adult ¥1,300 Child ¥650

Middle school students(or older) will be applied adult fare.

 Elementary school students will be applied child fare.
 Children under elementary school age are free.


10%off per person for groups of over 15 people


You don't need to make a reservation to join the regularly scheduled cruise


Please refer FAQ page course information.



If you have any questions, please call to 0837-26-0834



Cruise time table

Apr  Sep
1st  8:40am  
2nd   9:40am  
3rd  10:40am  
4th   11:40am  
seasonal cruise  12:40pm  
5th   1:30pm  
6th   2:40pm  
seasonal cruise  4:00pm  
Mar  Nov
1st 8:40am
2nd  9:40am
3rd  10:40am
4th 11:40am
5th 1:30pm
6th 2:40pm

Dec  Feb

1st   9:40am
2nd   10:40am
3rd   1:30pm
4th   2:30pm