Chartered cruise

About the course and depart, we will respond to your request when you charter the cruise

Reservation is required but if there is off ship you can reserve that day so anyway please call us!



Please make reservation in advance to charter cruise.

Same day reservation could be available if there are availabilities.

Please contact us for more detail.


Please choose course from followings,
- Around Omijima course
- Kannon cave course
- Oshima course
- Akase course
- Hanadsura course
- Shitsuura course

We may not be able to go some courses in case of stormy weather.


 Please tell us convenient time for you.

We can adjust departure time.


Reservation can be made by telephone or fax   Tel: 0837-26-0834    Fax: 0837-26-0835

Even though you reserved western coast route course (Akase, Hanadsura and Shitsuura course), We need to change to eastern coast route course (Oshima course) in case western coast is rough.

In this cace passenger fare will be adjusted to same price as Oshima.