The meaning of Omijima's Kanji are “Blue Sea Island” and Omijima is surrounded by deep blue exactly same as the name and also Omojima was selected as one of Japan's 100 greatest beach.


 Emerald green sea, White crests of waves, Oddly-shaped rock, Blue sky... It's so picturesque!!


                                          It's a great landscape and also you can experience the nature.

                                                                                                                  Get in touch with nature!!




If you couldn't see it please access to YouTube and copy paste “観音洞360°” and check it.

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Omijima Cruise Ship Company


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Open 8am Close 5pm


※Dec to Feb will Open at 9am Close at 4pm



About the departure time please check “Fee and Time table”

Open all year round


※Canceled in case of stormy weather