About the cruise

Q When are you closed?


A We are open all year round but because of the sea conditions sometime we have to suspended.



Q Is rainy day suspended?


A  It won't stop because of the rain but if the visibility is pool by the rain then it will suspend.


When will the course be settled?


We settle the course every morning.

     If you want to know which is today's course please call to 0837-26-0834



Can we choose the course?


Liner's course is basically around Omijima so you can't choose but chartered cruise you can.

     But because of the sea conditions or the weather sometime we couldn't fufill your require.


Can you go through the cave every time?


Because of that day's the sea conditions, sometime we can, sometime we cant.


About on board

May I bring stroller into the cruise?


A Sorry, we don't have much space in the cruise so please carry your child from the boarding area and we'll keep your stroller at the office. 



Can I get on the cruise with my pets?


Sorry, you can't but we can keep your pets at the office so if you want to, bring the cage with your pets.



Q In case of when the passenngers are exceed the capacity, can't I join the cruise?


You can. When the cruise reach to the capacity, then we will use more another cruise.



Q By when should I go to the boarding area?


Boarding time is 10 minutes before departure time so please come 5 minutes before departure time.



Q  May I go on deck of dolphin cruise?

A  Sorry, at the dolphin cruise you can't go on deck but you can open the windows.



Can I choose the cruise which I board?


A Sorry, you can't.