About the cruise

Q When are you closed?


A We are open all year round, but we could suspend service when it is stormy.



Q Do you suspend service on rainy day?


A  No, but we may suspend service for poor visibility caused by hard rain.


When will the course be settled?


We settle course each mornings.

  Please call 0837-26-0834 to insure course information.



Can we choose the course?


Liner’s course is basically Around Omijima, so you can’t choose.

  But, you can choose when you charter cruise.
  We may not be able to go some courses in case of stormy weather.


Can you go through caves every time?


It depends on sea condition and weather.


About on board

Q May I bring stroller into cruise ship?


A Sorry, we don’t have much space in cruise ship.

  Please carry your child while you are boarding, and we’ll keep your stroller at our office.



Can I get on ship with my pets?


Sorry, you can’t, but we can keep your pets at our office.

  Please bring a cage for your pets if you want us to do so.



Q In case passengers are exceed a capacity, can’t I join cruise?


You can.

  When a ship reach a capacity, then we will prepare other ship to fit everyone.



Q By when should I go to the boarding area?


Boarding time is 10 minutes before departure time.

  Please come 5 minutes before departure time.



 May I go on deck of dolphin cruise ship?

A  Sorry, you can’t go on deck on dolphin cruise ship, but you can open windows.



Can i Choose the cruise ship?



Sorry, you can't.